Rowupdating event in gridview not firing

Grid View control Row Command event will give you the Product ID of the product from the Grid View Rows when user will click any of the button in the Grid View. To handle click event of the buttons in Grid View you need to handle Row Command event of the Grid View control.

Following code will show you how you can get Row Index, Product ID and Command Name of the button when user click any button in the Grid View.

Net Grid View Add (Insert), Edit, Update and Delete functionality, but this is different and how I’ll explain as we progress.

My main objective in this article is to keep it simple and cover multiple aspects in one article.

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Net Grid View simple and also combining the powers of ASP.My best effort got me the value that was in gridview before editing or changing. I have already set allow paging to true and page size to 5.Command Argument: The Command Argument can contain any string set by the programmer.The Command Argument property complements the Command Name property by allowing you to provide any additional information for the command.