Comic book dating

#12 had two western stories and an unusual western/war combo story. Wayne often was supported by a grizzled sidekick called Bonanza Bill.Beginning with #15 the artwork deteriorated greatly, even though #16-19 were all western (note #18 is all reprints).Over time it adopted a much darker, more serious tone.While actually tacking down when the comic started moving from gags to serious plots and drama is a bit difficult, the most certain turning point was the End Game story arc leading up to issue 50, where Sally was killed off...There are back cover and inside cover photos on #1-3.Issues #1-12 were strictly western themed and are the most desirable collectively.Photo covers, all taken from movie stills such as “Dakota”, “Sands of Iwo Jima”, “Hondo”, “Fighting Kentuckian” etc., were on #1-12, 14, 17, 25-31.

The first comic book Caplin published at Toby was, not surprisingly, his brother’s LI’L ABNER, following that up with JOHN WAYNE ADVENTURE COMICS, their only movie based western except for one oddball issue of GABBY HAYES in ‘53.Of course, the pair did not actually confirm or deny the report, but the pair make their stance on the issue obvious.Holland and Zendaya treated their reported relationship like a joke, so fans should leave it up to the two of them to navigate their relationship however they see fit.This isn’t because the medium itself is limited or inferior however.The medium has already produced several masterpieces rich in depth.