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) No longer do you have to send those "What are you up to tonight? "So that could be saying, 'Let's save up and go to Europe next year!"suggestive cryptic texts you spent hours composing. ' which means you plan to be together for at least another year.Casual dating is a marvelous way of getting to know all kinds of people, without having to feel tied down to anyone until you’re absolutely ready. That being said, it is important to remember that your dynamic with anyone, regardless of who it is, won’t be as intense or committed as in a serious relationship.Serious relationships tend to be monogamous and long-term—or at least conducted with that intention in mind. ” And because you’re so paranoid about what’s going through his head, and how he feels, and whether or not you’re on the road to being Facebook official, you might miss some of the signs that things are getting serious.

Now you can live together and that doesn't necessarily mean it's serious," says relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein. With love (or lust) just a swipe away, it seems like we’re no longer coyly meeting our partners in the local bookstore, leaving numbers on coffee shop napkins or clumsily walking into our soulmates on a busy street only to look up and fall instantly in love, as depicted in every romantic comedy ever.(Or maybe you do, but you’re too busy looking at Tinder on your phone to pay any attention.) As a result, the relationship milestones that indicate a casual relationship is becoming, well, committed have also changed.If he isn’t trying to date you exclusively, he knows that you could meet someone else at any time and that doesn’t bother him much.Related: If He Doesn't Have These 20 Qualities, He's NOT Your Soulmate 2.