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So the change of heart does come as a small surprise. The argument goes that Pay Pal needs to be unshackled from the mothership to truly fulfill its potential and not predominatly service e Bay trades. There is, theoretically, a similar argument for e Bay.

By being able to concentrate on building the ecommerce side of the business, it will find new growth. It would be an attractive buy for the likes of Google, Microsoft or anyone with deep pockets because the company would be that much cheaper without Pay Pal.

You may also use the balance on a pre-paid Visa to ad funds to your Pay Pal account.

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has announced that it will be spinning off its Pay Pal division next year as a separate company. Not a great deal in the short-term because the divorce won’t occur until the second half of next year. e Bay started in 1995 and for the first few years the real pain point in trades was payment.

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