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After exhaustive research into their origins, the skulls -- 11 from members of the Nama tribe and nine from the Herero people -- will be returned to Namibia, which was known as German South West Africa from 1884 to 1919.

The Namibian embassy in Berlin will hold a memorial service led by the head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia, Bishop Zephania Kameeta, at St. The next day the official handover of the remains will take place at the Charité Hospital, where they have been stored at the Berlin Medical Historical Museum.

I first noticed this when I received an alert around 2 a.m.

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Yes, it has live streaming, two-way talk, night vision, motion, sound and even air quality alerts, but it can't record and save clips -- instead you get pieced-together time-lapse photographs -- its overactive motion sensor sends alerts when no apparent activity has taken place, and there's currently no Android app or Web interface.

I also question its 1080p video claims; its resolution was good, not great.

The skulls of 20 indigenous Namibians killed more than a century ago are set to be handed over to a delegation from the African country in Berlin this week -- and the solemn ceremony could be the first of many as Germany reflects on its colonial past.Any profile who address those topics will be banned. (Availabilty and price in Australia is yet to be determined.) But, there's a problem: the core features that make these competing cameras so clever are partly missing from Withings Home.The product line is complemented by innovative laboratory equipment for cellular research applications and the new all-in-one microscopes that offer user engagement at all levels.The new BX53 microscope features a high luminosity LED system with excellent color rendering performance that provides brightness and color reproduction equal to or better than that of a 100 W halogen lamp.