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MP cheers Brandon on as he hits the ice with his new German teammates.

It’s a turning point in their relationship that will change the course of their future.

However, the multiple Flames hat sightings on the show I think qualifies him as the biggest celebrity fan for Calgary.

Anderson was originally from Minnesota, a huge hockey state, so the hockey fan probably wasn't far off.

However, Leary is far from a fairweather fan, having supported the team and the Bruins legends through the ups and downs of his lifetime..

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In Philadelphia, Erica’s kids receive the surprise of a lifetime.

Noureen posted something touching on her Twitter when Bodhi was born.

She told people, The couple announced their first baby in September 2015 via twitter joking about her crazy cravings for French fries and pickles which made her suspicious.

After an emotionally draining few weeks, Martine heads to Napa Valley where she faces some tough love from Jessie, her closest hockey wife friend.

Martine, Taylor, Rhianna, and Kodette head to Laguna Beach to throw a baby shower for Angela.