Who is reggie bush dating october 2016

Roman even implied that Reggie would have a baby with another woman since she has had three miscarriages.

It's rare to see Roman in a bad mood but the doctor's bad news was difficult to hear.

A meltdown, talk of divorce and couples therapy have been surrounding the couple’s name for the past few months.

As a new year begins, we take a look back at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship, from its beginning to now, including their courtship, the highlights of their union, the low-lights and everything in between.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Pictures: #North Posted This Trends After Reality Star Blames 2-Year-Old For Bikini Photo Reggie married dancer Lillit back in 2014 and, just like Kim and her husband Kanye West, they share two children together, daughter Briseis and son Uriah.

Still, fans couldn't help but point out that Lillit looks to be "morphing" to look just like the reality television star when it comes to her hair, style and even her curves.

Many of his followers commented on the photo almost immediately with, "He is obsessed with Kim and looks to throw shade every opportunity he gets, it's sick! She got new tits, a new ass and new lips...she's gorgeous but still...

Power couples are nothing new in hip-hop, and have been a staple in the culture dating back to the 1980s. Melodie, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, The Notorious B. But Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may very well be the most talked-about couple in pop culture in quite some time, let alone hip-hop.

But like any couple, they experience their fair share of setbacks if the rumors are to be believed.

They might be two different women, but there's no doubt that they share a lot of major similarities.

Fans couldn't help but notice Reggie Bush's wife Lillit Avagyan looking more and more like his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian in a photo that he shared with his fans on his Instagram account this past week.

He played college football at USC, where he earned consensus All-American honors twice and won a Heisman Trophy, and was drafted by the New Orleans Saints second overall in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Bush won Super Bowl XLIV with the Saints in 2010 over the Indianapolis Colts.