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There are at least five bars within a five-minute walk from my Bushwick apartment that I would categorize as decent to a guaranteed good time and I’m very grateful, because being drunk makes so many things better: brunch, grocery shopping, trashy novels, scrolling through Instagram, riding the subway alone. It is notoriously difficult to measure how “drunk” a city is, how much more or less we drink than people over the Hudson River or on the other coast, but it’s fair to say that the New York dating population likes its alcohol.

Sex was important, but that was not the most important thing between us… Feeling loved by another man has helped me being more self-confident.ike jarring aftershocks from a mighty earthquake, Boston's clergy sexual abuse scandal has registered around the world, provoking what some scholars have called the worst crisis in the Catholic Church in 500 years.Within weeks of Globe reports in January about the Archdiocese of Boston's secret settlement of child molestation claims against at least 70 priests, dioceses around the country were forced to confront the consequences of their own policies about sexually abusive clergymen.Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, following May 23 news that his archdiocese paid 0,000 to a man claiming Weakland attempted to sexually assault him.Weakland admitted an "inappropriate relationship" but denied abuse.