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The women then put their new look to the test when Clinton and Devyn share the new and improved profile with 100 potential mates, and then the women choose a date from one of the men that liked her profile. Danielle plans a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for Adam, but things don't go as planned. The sextuplets celebrate their 13th birthday outdoor style, with the girls being pampered & the boys roughing it.From online disaster to dating in style, these women leave with new-found confidence to conquer the online dating world. Adam and Danielle prepare themselves for Hazel's upcoming eye appointment.14 singles longing for love & marriage move into the Spouse House, a place where proposals & weddings can happen weekly! Kate reflects on past birthdays & looks ahead to having eight teenagers under one roof!With the help of Chelsea Handler, Leah coaches her assistant Raffy on his dating skills when he lands a surprise date.After a makeover, a little waxing, and some blunt tips from Chelsea and Leah on talking to women; will Raffy's date be a success?Women that think they are the bomb but look more like Miss Piggy than Miss Catwalk! Tiny girls who wear 6″ heels to make themselves taller.

” – Mindy Kaling I think buried deep here is some good wisdom for being single or recovering from a breakup. You know, there are some things that are actually harder to do with two people. But the last time I used it was holding it over my head to run from my car to my house when it was raining,) I’ll just say that all we’re in charge of is making our current experience the best and most fulfilling that we can.From oversexed photos to depressing status updates, these online dating profile disasters just aren't clicking. Although Danny proposed, hard realities must be considered: his parents don't agree with The Spouse House's accelerated marriage process, and Yesnaya will only marry if her son approves of his future stepfather. Jazz goes outside her comfort zone & tries Dating In The Dark.In each episode, Clinton and Devyn unearth the rationale behind the photo and status update choices for each unlucky, online dater and then help them transform their look and online presence. She's hoping this will be a great way to get to know someone before telling them she's transgender.If you love something let it go, because all’s fair in love and war plus, all you need is love and love means never having to say you’re sorry so dance like no one’s watching you beautiful little fool!That was my attempt at a cliche-love-advice mashup.